Social Media Marketing: Advantages Of Working With A Social Media Agency

Mark Zuckerberg once said, “If Facebook was a country, it would be the 6th largest populated country in the world!”

Did you know that social media users have reached an astounding 4.62 billion users globally? On average, users spend over 2.5 hours per day on various social media platforms. It’s obvious that social media has become a part of our daily lives, naturally, the competition for social media marketing has grown. Over 40% of businesses advertise their brand through social media platforms to reach their target consumers. As a business owner or manager, you may be searching for a professional social media agency, wondering how to select the right agency or advertising firm, and which social platforms are suitable for your brand. Let me answer all your questions.

What is social media marketing? Why is it so important?

We use social media daily, but do you know what social media marketing is? Social media marketing has the final goal of raising brand awareness and fan engagement online, which can be done through different social media based on different marketing needs, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more. Social media marketing will expose the brand’s products and services, reach a wide range of consumers, draw potential customers, build word of mouth through maintaining contact with the community, create further interest, and increase sales.

Professional social media agencies would provide different plans and strategies for different social media platforms:


Features / Main Users: Main platform used by individuals between 30-50 years old to stay connected. The platform can be used to publish pictures as well as text and is perfect for being used to host the brand’s main fan page.

Blue Point’s Social Media Marketing Strategy:

●        Dynamic posts will be created, based on the brand’s target consumers, to incorporate the unique qualities of the brand’s products and services and create hot topics and content regarding the latest promotions.

●        Interactive events will be created, including lucky draw, events increasing interaction, so that fans can have increased interaction.

●        Design advertisement elements, categorizing target consumers to take advantage of Facebook’s target advertisement.

Track ad performance and optimize ad content with key metrics such as CTC, CTR, CPM, CPA, CPS, and more.


Features / Main Users: This platform has slightly younger users. The platform focuses on visual effects. The inclusion of unique data can attract views and increase share rate.

Blue Point’s Social Media Marketing Strategy:

●        Highlights the brand’s unique qualities, based on the brand’s target consumers, to confirm the content and picture style.

●        Create beautiful and stunning brand themed layout designs.

●        Communication specialists actively interact with customers to build a friendly and personable brand image.

●        Design visually appealing stories that have embedded call-to-action links to guide users to the brand’s shopping page.

●        Push paid Ads to target consumers.

●        Collaborate with related influencers and other brands to multiply the effectiveness of the Ads.


Features / Main Users: This platform has a wide range of users by age. The platform is used mainly to post videos, and the most common strategy is to collaborate with famous youtubers to guide traffic to the brand’s site.

Blue Point’s Social Media Marketing Strategy:

●        Create visually appealing and attractive YouTube banners for the brand.

●        Design unique content, based on the brand’s target consumers, to achieve desired advertisement effects.

●        Videos will be posted to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to increase exposure.

●        Use different forms of advertisement during different marketing phases depending on the brand’s marketing strategy, such as TrueView In-Stream Ads, Video Discovery, Masthead Ads, and more.


Features / Main Users: Top choice social media platform for gen Z users to connect with each other. The platform uses short video and audio clips as building elements, and is especially suitable for fashion, travel, and entertainment industries. The platform combines social media and e-commerce to provide an immersive shopping experience where users can purchase goods directly while browsing.

Blue Point’s Social Media Marketing Strategy:

●        Hot tags will be placed into the brand’s clips.

●        Create clips with strong visual and audio effects.

●        Collaborate with TikTok KOL to reach young fans.

●        Select creative advertisement tools and types that are a good fit for the brand, including lead Ads, designing hashtag challenges, and more.


Features / Main Users: This platform is most frequently used by job seekers, corporates, and headhunters. The main purpose is to provide job information, it is also the top choice for corporations in the B2B industry to host their official page on.

Blue Point’s Social Media Marketing Strategy:

●        Will use LinkedIn to create a professional corporate image, posting the latest updates, and sharing professional information to educate users.

●        Groups with specific themes and topics will be opened to invite guests and collaborating brands to interact here, building networks, and raising the brand’s authority and popularity.

What are the pros and cons of running your own social media and using a social media agency?

After gaining a good understanding of the services social media agencies provide, you can also compare the pros and cons of running your own social media, or going through an agency:

Pro/Con of Self-run

Management cost: Self-management takes time. The long-term cost in time and manpower is high.

Manpower: Has the need to hire employees with different skill sets.

Professionalism: Posts may not maximize the brand’s value, causing the ad to be unable to reach full potential.

Brand Value: Lacks systematic management with corporate and brand recognition.

Immediacy: Freedom to publish posts or Ads at any time.

Pro/Con of Run by A Social Media Agency

Management cost: Saves time and cost of managing details.

Manpower: Includes strategy analysis, social media management, artistic design, ad placement and other professional personnel to complete a well-rounded social media marketing team.

Professionalism: All actions are executed by marketing professionals, eliminating the need to monitor effectiveness.

Brand Value: Has systematic management with corporate and brand recognition, the know-how to run social media, which ultimately allows maximization of the brand’s value.

Immediacy: Arrangements required before posts are published.

Blue Point can assist you in efficiently building brand recognition

All the points listed above should help you understand the services a social media agency can provide and help you analyze which is more suitable for your brand. If you are looking for a professional social media agency to help you manage your brand, you can trust our social media marketing experts. We have rich experience in managing digital social media and providing corporate brands with all-rounded services. We value creativity while also emphasizing effective management. Let’s get started creating high levels of interaction and high revenue returns for your business now!